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CIASA was founded as a leading consulting company. We have more than thirty-five years in this discipline throughout the agrifood chain. We are leaders in farm management consulting. Enrique Gobbée, founder of CIASA was one of the founder of Cazenave y Asociados the leading firm in farm management consulting.

We have successfully delivered consulting services for extensive productions in the humid pampas to intensive productions in regional economies.

We not only use our intelligence and experience to solve problems but also we help to identify those problems. Making the right questions and helping to answer them through solid analytical and consistent facts is part of our mission.

We are also Farmers because we do not like ¨talking from outside¨ the business. We try to experience through our hands-on approach the management risk of our clients. We like being in the production business where our customers are.

In CIASA, We desperately try to understand the changes in the agricultural production business in order to add value to our clients and their organizations.

CIASA experience and networking with most of the important players in the chain allows us to constantly identify opportunities for our clients. Our partners reputation and presence in the agriculture and business community places CIASA in an extraordinary position to capture the most interesting opportunities in the market.

Our consulting services include strategic consulting, marketing consulting, technology consulting and integral consulting.

We execute our consulting service both at the top management and at the field level. We start by analyzing the competitive environment in which the company or the business unit is involved and the different future scenarios.

The second step is covered when we deliver the Actions Plans jointly with its Follow-ups System, Accountabilities and Measurable Key Indicators focused to reach the objectives predetermined by the company. We help you understand what does your company has and what does your company needs to achieve its mission and objectives successfully.

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CIASA won the International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ). More informartion see link below.
Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing
Dear Sr. We are glad in CIASA to inform You, that we will be participate on the Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing, that will be held in Portugal, in Colégio do Espírito Santo, University of Évora.
Olive Oil Dairly News
Is a blog with all the news on the olive oil business
CIASA - BOOTH # 33 A new edition of the National Fair Sector Olivícola "EXPOLIVO", will take place in Catamarca province between 11 and September 14. EXPOLIVO is the most important event that takes place in Argentina to bring together all stakeholders in the sector and this was evidenced in the 2007 edition, when gathered in this province entrepreneurs, producers, officials, chambers of commerce, national and international operators and diplomats olivícola interested in the activity.
Seat Buenos Aires:
Tucumán 141 - 6° piso "A" - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel. (0054 11) 4312 - 3473 / 3494
Fax. (0054 11) 4311 - 2388
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Salta 161 (N) - Capital (5400) - San Juan - Argentina
Tel. (54 264) 427 - 6900
Fax. (54 264) 421 - 3127