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The marketing of agricultural and food products require a special dynamic & distinctive features compared to others chains. Our commercial services are one o the most required services in our portfolio.

In CIASA we have been agri-food company owners and exporters from the beginning. We have learned a lot about the complex food marketing process and we put that knowledge into your company tailoring our services to meet your marketing needs. Our goal is to enhance your ability to improve your marketing and commercial skills.

We have a large experience in tenders and biddings to international organizations. Specifically we have worked in food bids to supply food products to United Nations institutions and government official departments inside our country. We have delivered these services to most of the largest food companies in Argentina.

We have developed local commercial and distribution channels for products like: energy drinks, dairy products, oil, fruit and agricultural products. These channels were developed for retail, wholesalers and for sales to the Mercado Central de Buenos Aires de Frutas y Hortalizas. Our customers have outsourced in CIASA the marketing, logistic and operation.

We have been active players in the food export business for more than thirty years. Besides being exporters, we provide global marketing consulting services in international trade, international logistics, packaging, shipping, research for international buyers and sellers, commercial trips and participation in international food exhibitions.

Our network of strategic allies includes Importers, Exporters, Custom Agents, Government officials, Academic experts in international businesses, International Agents, Logistic Firms, Distributors, Trading Legal consultants, etc. Our marketing team is constantly updating its international knowledge and looking for different ways to benefit our clients by using our contact networks and databases.

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CIASA won the International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ). More informartion see link below.
Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing
Dear Sr. We are glad in CIASA to inform You, that we will be participate on the Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing, that will be held in Portugal, in Colégio do Espírito Santo, University of Évora.
Olive Oil Dairly News
Is a blog with all the news on the olive oil business
CIASA - BOOTH # 33 A new edition of the National Fair Sector Olivícola "EXPOLIVO", will take place in Catamarca province between 11 and September 14. EXPOLIVO is the most important event that takes place in Argentina to bring together all stakeholders in the sector and this was evidenced in the 2007 edition, when gathered in this province entrepreneurs, producers, officials, chambers of commerce, national and international operators and diplomats olivícola interested in the activity.
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