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Investor from spain buying olive oil land in Argentina
A Spanish investor group announced it to the government. It can become the biggest olive trees local field. A Spanish investors group is planning to develop a millionaire investment in olive trees in Camarico district, in the 25 de Mayo department, as they informed yesterday from the Production Ministry. And although there is not officially confirm, the fact on the surface that will be embraced it is strong: They analyze to plant 10 thousand hectares of varieties oil bottles, that is to say, more than half of the total of the whole cultivated surface that it exists at the moment in the county. San Juan has some 18.600 hectares, according to the last numbers of the production Ministry in which 60 percent is in production and the rest will be make it progressively until the year 2009.
A Spain Investment group will plant 10hta. of olive in Argentina
The news was not announced officially, but people of the sector already know it: A Spanish group is carrying out a millionaire investment in the county and it plans to plant 10.000 hectares of olive trees in the years 2007/2008, as Antonio Olive groves, president of the Pymes camera confirmed. San Juan county will become the first country with a surface of olive trees, with almost 30.000 hectares, overcoming Catamarca -today first - that has little more than 25.000 hectares. "However, San Juan is already the first one in production, since here for each hectare about 8.000 kilos of olives are harvested, while in Catamarca they are taking out 5.000 kilos for hectare".
Increase per capit consume of Olive Oil in de world
The excellent fact of the evolution of the olive oil market in the last years is, since we have advanced in intruduccion, the extraordinario increase of the demand. In effect, in the 16 last harvest campaigns, the olive oil consumption in the world has increased in but of 1.100.000 tons, Campaign 2005/2006, will increase more than 66% compare with campaign 1990/91
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