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Fragancefruit the olive and fresh greens leaves that remember the olive on his best maturation.
A sweet mild flavorand a little bit spicy who leave a final aromatic smooth on your palate.
The olive oil qualities contribute a good refinement and flavor on your table.

Reduces the level of LDL cholesterol.
Reduces the blockage of arteries
Reduces the blood pressure of arteries.
Reduces the level of blood sugar.
Increases the secretion of bile.
Increases the absorption of Vitamins A, D and E.
Facilitates the absorption of the other vitamins.
Prevents arteriosclerosis.
Prevents myocardium heart attack.

Our prperty is situated in San Juan, a place known for the quality of it´s olives. With the majestic frame of the Andes Range, the birthplace of Argentine olives.

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CIASA won the International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ). More informartion see link below.
Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing
Dear Sr. We are glad in CIASA to inform You, that we will be participate on the Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing, that will be held in Portugal, in Colégio do Espírito Santo, University of Évora.
Olive Oil Dairly News
Is a blog with all the news on the olive oil business
Seat Buenos Aires:
Tucumán 141 - 6° piso "A" - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel. (0054 11) 4312 - 3473 / 3494
Fax. (0054 11) 4311 - 2388
  Seat San Juan:
Salta 161 (N) - Capital (5400) - San Juan - Argentina
Tel. (54 264) 427 - 6900
Fax. (54 264) 421 - 3127