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In “ The Lagunas” nursery we have the best olive tree genetic selection clones of the market. With international certificate of food Safety INC. Only in the Argentina.
With this genetics we have achieved numerous successes, and we have planted in the Argentina, more than 15.000 hectares of CIASA plants. 50% of the total new planted in Argentina!!
Our plants are also subjected to rigorous phitosanitarious control.

Nowadays the most use variety is the Arbequina “Selection CIASA”, but likewise, we plant: Picual, Frantoio, Lechino, Koroneiki, Arbosana, Changlot, Camomile, Arauco, Barnea, Hojiblanca, varieties that are perfectly adapted to different areas of our extensive country. That gives the country a excellent blend of olive oil for export.
It is for that, that is so important the professional advice of our engineers, they plus their studies and more than 10 years of experience, achieve depending on the characteristics of the floor, climate, type of oil and other objectives that our clients pursue, the way of advising them in the most convenient way in their business.

Because we were pioneers in bringing plants from Spain,
Israel and Italy.
Because, thanks to their extraordinary genetic selection, there is
gotten to beat all the production registrations for hectare.
Because, thanks to the rigorous sanitariums controls to those that
issubjects, it guarantees a total absence of illnesses and plagues.
For it high wildness, high resistance to cold and great adaptability
to different floors.
Because it productivity is very homogeneous, presenting very
little production alternation.
Simply, because we know what we are doing and we have people
specialized working in it.

To our trajectory, we can add that our mother company liberates since more than 30 years the agricultural transformation market of the country. for 1997 this leadership was ratified in the 3° INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON OLIVE GROWING, our Technical Director was the only participant of the Argentine Republic. There we incorporate the use of slow liberation fertilizers with the advantages that you already know.

Our specialist Engineers in the genetics, growth and pursuit in field like under half-environmental conditions assure the quality and the client's later satisfaction. Our specially thought and built nursery for the olive life style , under strictly controlled environmental conditions possess the capacity to generate around 500.000 plants a year, of the best olive tree varieties.

Table olives varieties, oil bottles and double purpose of own production, are green coloring La Rioja, San Juan and Catamarca fields , main destinies for our plants.

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CIASA won the International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ). More informartion see link below.
Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing
Dear Sr. We are glad in CIASA to inform You, that we will be participate on the Sixth International Symposium on Olive Growing, that will be held in Portugal, in Colégio do Espírito Santo, University of Évora.
Olive Oil Dairly News
Is a blog with all the news on the olive oil business
CIASA - BOOTH # 33 A new edition of the National Fair Sector Olivícola "EXPOLIVO", will take place in Catamarca province between 11 and September 14. EXPOLIVO is the most important event that takes place in Argentina to bring together all stakeholders in the sector and this was evidenced in the 2007 edition, when gathered in this province entrepreneurs, producers, officials, chambers of commerce, national and international operators and diplomats olivícola interested in the activity.
Seat Buenos Aires:
Tucumán 141 - 6° piso "A" - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel. (0054 11) 4312 - 3473 / 3494
Fax. (0054 11) 4311 - 2388
  Seat San Juan:
Salta 161 (N) - Capital (5400) - San Juan - Argentina
Tel. (54 264) 427 - 6900
Fax. (54 264) 421 - 3127