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Motivated by the fact of achieving the access to new markets or simply for the necessity of being developed under highly competitive conditions, the number of organizations that are dedicating their efforts to the improvement of its managerial administration through its own structure or outsourcing is increased in our country.

This organizations fight in a globalized world in front of an industrial model in roads of change, to apply new administration methods or to insert their products in emergent markets, frutihorticulture is one of them.

Agricultural investment requires capital, advice in topics guidelines like management, administration, quality, marketing, etc, in more degree than other investments of the same sector. The development of the credit and the incentives of different public entities dedicated mostly in the area by their characteristics to the cultivation of the olive tree.

This one is exactly the specialty of most of our professionals referred to the agronomic, financial, legal, administrative handling, etc. What also allows us to incorporate another service: "Audit and External Consultancy of Administration on Agricultural Projects".

All this outlines a third necessity: provide the variety and quality of olive tree platns wich the market requires.
Inter Agriculture Consultore INC takes the challenge to give answers and to satisfy all the necessities that it outlines this new transformation stage.

This is the real funcion of Inter Agriculture Consultore INC: assure and provide the KNOW HOW organizational, technician and commercial, for the best administration of your agricultural proyects, your agricultural business.

Visit us at Booth #222 of the Summer Fancy Food Show, NY July 8-10, 2007.
Investor from spain buying olive oil land in Argentina
A Spanish investor group announced it to the government. It can become the biggest olive trees local field. A Spanish investors group is planning to develop a millionaire investment in olive trees in Camarico district, in the 25 de Mayo department, as they informed yesterday from the Production Ministry. And although there is not officially confirm, the fact on the surface that will be embraced it is strong: They analyze to plant 10 thousand hectares of varieties oil bottles, that is to say, more than half of the total of the whole cultivated surface that it exists at the moment in the county. San Juan has some 18.600 hectares, according to the last numbers of the production Ministry in which 60 percent is in production and the rest will be make it progressively until the year 2009.
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